About Us

Al was born and raised on a farm and continues to be active in his own farming operation.  He started working with his Dad selling Farm Machinery as a young man.     His business management studies from college were most helpful as his career progressed.  

He worked 21 years with a major manufacturing company in grain storage, handling, grain drying, and tobacco drying.   Al held the position of District Sales Manager and was promoted to Sales Manager for the company traveling the United States as well as some International travel. 

Al also worked 10 years in the retail grain storage, handling and drying equipment business with a major dealer.

Utilizing his experience with the two previous companies, Al organized Eastern Grain Equipment in 1998 and began selling farm machinery and building his own business.   Al has witnessed the changes and improvements of the industry through the years and has an understanding of the challenges that must be met in day-to-day operations.